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My Mates Section

Here's a page dedicated to my friends. Yes I know its a weird bunch of characters, but then again that's life! This page is not like a football league table. The higher up you are does not mean you are better than anybody else. Also the rumour that if you're doing poorly as a mate you get relegated to division 2 (page2) that's just not true ;o)

Want to see Page 2 then Click Here

Mark paying for dinner

Here's Mark my mate from work about to pay for dinner!!!!!
Cars and Elvis are his pastimes.


Chris at Christmas

Here's Chris posing in the shopping mall.

My mate Mush

Here's my mate Peter Marsham
Check out Peter's website and if you need a disco
Peter's the man to call by Clicking Here. or call him on 07522 353 - 849

Pete Roberts

Pete my mate from Northern Radio

Paul and Andrea

Me and Andrea Knocking back the beers

Work Mates

Mates from work having the odd drink or two.

Paul & Marie

This is Paul (good name) otherwise known as the "Love God" with his wife Eliza.
I'm also the godfather to their son Braden.

Paul Shaun and Nat

Here's a picture of me Shaun and Natalie at a posh doo!


Here's my mate Richard from work at his caravan tucking
into a hearty English breakfast.


Here's Andy a mate from Hospital Radio in Sheffield.

I'll bring you more pictures soon. That's if the camera is strong enough to take it!

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