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My Mates Section

Hello and welcome to Page 2. My list of friends is forever growing as they are all wanting to get in on the act and have their pictures splashed all over the internet. Fame does this to people so beware of it happening to you, dear viewer.

My mate Adam

Here's my mate Adam the "King At Poker" he's always beating me I'm
sure that he's cheating somehow.

Here's Anth

Here's my mate Anth from Hartlepool. He's another DJ you know

Paul and Mshel

Here's the lovely Mshel another one of my mates, enjoying a bevvy in the beer garden
on this boiling hot day in sunny Hartlepool. Ya can tell by the coats.

Paul and Chris

Just making sure Chris has enough to drink


Peter Roberts

Here's Pete another mate
from Hospital Radio.