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Chinese family celebrating the Chinese New Year
Countdown to - Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year celebrations - year of the Rooster

According to tales and legends, the beginning of Chinese New Years started with the fight against a mythical beast called the "Nian". The "Nian" is afraid of red colour, fire, and loud sound. Therefore, for self protection, people posted red Dui Lian in front of the house, launched fireworks, and hung lanterns at year end.

 groundhog leaving his burrow on Groundhog Day
Events coming up - Groundhog Day
Groundhog Day History & Celebrations

On this day in mid-winter, the groundhog awakens from a long winter's nap, and goes outside of his den to see if he sees his shadow. But why and what is the result if he does?

Valentine’s Day couple giving gifts of roses and chocolates
Events coming up - Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day History & Celebrations

Everybody knows about Valentine's Day but its origins are shrouded in mystery and archaeologists are not sure if there was one saint Valentine or more! Find out about X's, red roses, chocolates and flowers.

Stack of pancakes and golden syrup for Pancake Day
Events coming up - Pancake Day
Pancake Day History & Celebrations

The original idea behind Pancake Day was to use up all the fat in the house before Lenten abstinence. Folklore has it that parishioners, eager to reach church in time for the last 'shriving' or confession, would race through the streets still clutching their half-finished pancakes - the beginnings of the great pancake race tradition.

St. Patrick's Day glass and traditional hat
Events coming up - St. Patrick's Day
St. Patrick's Day History & Celebrations

St. Patrick is said to have given a sermon from a hilltop that drove all the snakes from Ireland. Of course, no snakes were ever native to Ireland. One traditional icon of the day is the shamrock, which stems from a more bona fide Irish tale that tells how Patrick used the three-leafed shamrock to explain the Trinity.

two sons celebrating Mother's Day with their mother
Events coming up - Mother's Day
Mother's Day History & Celebrations

The modern version of Mother’s Day started in England in the 1600’s. But it was a woman who was never a mother herself who led the campaign for national recognition of Mother's Day.

April Fool's Day
Events coming up - April Fool's Day
April Fool's Day History & Celebrations

Thought to start back in 16th century France. Today in France, people who are fooled on April 1 are called Poisson d'Avril, which literally means the "April Fish."

Holiday Travel Guides
Holiday Travel Guides
Ideas on some great destinations to go visit

One of my pastimes is visiting foreign countries. Here's a few guides to the places that I have been to and recommend for a fantastic vacation.

Strange and weird facts
Strange And Weird Facts
Stuff we just couldn't make up

Radio Industry Information
Radio Industry Information
Information for people working in the industry

For people working in the radio industry then this section has loads of information that you might find helpful.

All about Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley The King Of Rock 'n' Roll
All you need to know about the King

Elvis Presley is without doubt one of the most successful music artists of all time. Find out about his career and links to more Elvis stuff.

Weekly Poll Archive
Weekly Poll Archive
All the results from our wacky surveys

Getting your views on the topics of the day is quite interesting. The archive lists all the past polls and details of what my visitors think.

Latest Radio Jobs
Latest Radio Jobs
Latest radio jobs from across the UK

Are you thinking of changing your career ? Then here are the latest job opportunities for radio, TV and media.

Radio Webcams
Radio Webcams
Your behind the scenes view

Check out all these radio station webcams. Has your station got one that needs adding to the list?

Music Videos
Favourite Music Videos
What's playing on my tablet

As a radio presenter I love most music and like to keep up to date with new stuff. This page has some of my favourite current music videos.


Welcome to Paul Denton Online

Paul Denton on air at Minster Northallerton FM

Hello and welcome to Paul Denton Online. So you're probably wondering who this guy is well I'm a radio presenter from the UK and this website is all about me and my radio career.

I've also included lots of advice for people working in the industry. If you're seeking advice on how to be a radio presenter then check out the radio industry information section on the left had side of this page. Here I've included loads of my top tips on how to present on the radio which I've pulled together from working in the industry for the past 28 years for stations such as Hallam Fm, Minster Fm and Peak 107fm.

I'm always looking for your feedback on the website so please get in touch via email or the Say Hey! button which can be found at the top of each page. If you have anything that you think would be good to share with other radio minded people feel free to wing it across in an email.

As well as all the radio information there's some fun stuff dotted around the website, jokes, funny pictures, travel reviews and of course I'd love to know your views in the polls which can be found on the right side of each page so go on get voting and let's see what everybody thinks. There's loads of questions on rotation and if you want to see past questions and responses then check out the archive.