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Las Vegas Holiday Pics....

Recently I travelled to Las Vegas in the USA for a holiday. Here are a few of my holiday pics to bore you with ;o)

Paul Denton and the Las Vegas sign

Here I am at the famous Vegas sign at the start of the Las Vegas Strip.

The Excalibur Hotel and casino in Las Vegas

Here's the hotel I stayed in The Excalibur based on an English medieval castle, complete with Merlin the wizard, Knights and dragons in the mote.

Excalibur casino at night in Las Vegas

Here's the Excalibur Hotel at night time. You can just make out the light emitting from the top of the Luxor Pyramid.

Paul Denton at New York New York in Las Veags

Here's me again outside the New York New York Hotel. The hotel is built like the New York skyline complete with a statue of liberty.

the spynx at the Luxor hotel in Las Vegas

This is the Luxor hotel based on the sphinx and pyramid of Giza. The hotel is shaped like a huge pyramid with the worlds strongest light shining out of the top of it at night.

the pyramid at the Luxor hotel in Las vegas

Another shot of the Luxor Hotel.

Paris Hotel in Las Vegas

This is the Paris Hotel themed around, you guessed it Paris. The hotel has a 50% scale replica of the Eiffel Tower with observation deck at the top and a restaurant inside.

View from Paris hotel showing the Las Vegas Strip

Here's a view of the top end of the Las Vegas strip with the new Sahara Hotel on the left, the MGM grand behind it. Top right the Mandalay Bay, Excalibur, New York New York and the Monte Carlo.

A gondola inside the Venetian hotel in Las Vegas

This shot was taken inside the Venetian Hotel. The ceiling is painted to look like the sky. It turns dark at times and the street lamps come on. It also has a thunderstorm with lightening and it actually rains inside the building.

St. Marks Square inside the venetian hotel Las Vegas

Another shot of the inside of the Venetian Hotel. This is St. Marks Square a copy of the real St. Marks Square in Venice.