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SPACE NEWS And Stuff ....

I am a great sci fi fan and love anything to do with space and science. Check out these two sites from NASA.

NASA's picture of the day NASA's picture of the day picture of NASA

Click on the spaceman for the NASA picture of the day...

hubble Hubble space telescope pictures

Click on the image for pictures from the Hubble Space Telescope....

Paul Denton's Lifecounter

Your Age Please:
Example: (November 12,1974)

You are days old:
You are hours old:
You are minutes old:


OK, you need to cover your right eye and stare at the black circle. Then move closer to the screen and see the cross disappear. Move back again and the cross will reappear...

eye test


Now imagine the cross is a motorbike and think about them next time you go out ine the car!