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Bizarre Website Of The Month

"Paintball the game"

This month it's time to play another game. I like this one mainly because I can actually do it. I spent a good hour or two going through the various combinations.

Check it out for yourself by CLICKING HERE

Here's some past bizarre sites we have surfed. Got a favourite? then drop me an email so we can all have a look.

Why I will never have a girlfriend - Explains it all really.

Filet O Fish Game - As much fun as you can have with a sandwich and some sharks

Blue Ball Machine - Watch all the little balls go round this machine.

Georgie - Let's have some fun with George Bush.

Logogle - Make the famous Google or Yahoo logo in your own name.

Bumper Ball - Remember fairground bumper cars then try this fab game.

Net Disaster - Destroy somebody else's website from the comfort of your armchair.

Colour eye test - Test how your eyeballs see colour in this online test.

Bowman - fire arrows to your hearts content

Hold the button - Press the button see how long you can hold out

If Bush was a Girl - see what President Bush would look like if he was female

Squirrell Squash - got time to waste then play this fun game

The Drink-o-meter - check out how much you have drunk in a lifetime.

Ping Pong balls game - play the very hard pin pong balls game

Petition to God - ask God to stop making bad things happen

Britneys Guide to semiconductor physics - as the name suggests

Poke the penguine - see how angry he/she gets

Fling the cow - cow tossing at it's finest

Taliban reunited - a bizarre take on friends reunited's site

Turd twister - turn your turds into pretty shapes

Cow pie clocks - what a lovely clock made form cow dung

Naming children humanely - give your child a decent name you evil people

Prawnography - the alternative sex site worth a visit

Poop report - need i say anymore

Who would you kill - an interesting game of kill the celebrity