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Useful foreign words or phrases

Getting by in a foreign speaking country may not be as daunting as it seems. Most tourist resorts are now well accustomed to poor foreign speaking travellers from the UK. It does help on occasions to know the odd word or phrase of the native tongue as this shows that you have taken a little time and effort to grasp the local lingo.

Below are just a few well used words translated into the local dialect for a few destinations that are widely visited from the UK. This is only the starting point, and the locals will love you to bits if you try to speak to them in their own language, even if you do ask for their mother in law to peel a donkey!!


Spanish: Hola
French: Bonjour
German: Guten tag
Italian: Buon giorno
Greek: Geia sou

"Good Morning"

Spanish: Buenos dias
French: Bonne matinee
German: Guten morgen
Italian: Buon giorno
Greek: Kalimera

"Good Afternoon"

Spanish: Buenos tardes
French: Bonsoir
German: Guten tag
Italian: Buona sera
Greek: Kalispera

"How are you?"

Spanish: Como estas?
French: Comment allez-vous?
German: Wie geht es ihnen?
Italian: Come sta?
Greek: Ti kanete


Spanish: Adios
French: Au revoir
German: Auf wiedersehen
Italian: Arriverderci
Greek: Khairete


Spanish: Por favor
French: S'il vous plait
German: Bitte
Italian: Per piacere
Greek: Parakalo

"Thank You"

Spanish: Gracias
French: Merci
German: Danke
Italian: Grazie
Greek: Efcharisto

"What is your name?"

Spanish: Como se iiama usted?
French: Comment vous appellez-vous?v German: Wie heiben sie?
Italian: Come si chiama?
Greek: Pos sas lene?

"Do you speak English?"

Spanish: Habla usted Ingles?
French: Parlez - vous - Anglais?
German: Spechen sie English?
Italian: Parla Inglese?
Greek: Milate Anglika?

"I don't understand"

Spanish: Yo no entiendo
French: Je ne comprends pas
German: Ich verstehe nicht
Italian: Non capisco
Greek: Then katalabeno


Spanish: Si
French: Oui
German: Ja
Italian: Si
Greek: Ne


Spanish: No
French: Non
German: Nein
Italian: No
Greek: Ochi


Spanish: Bienvenidos
French: Bienvenue
German: Wilkommen
Italian: Benvenuto
Greek: Kalos orisate

Well these are the words, how you pronounce them is where the fun begins. Have fun and have a great holiday.